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Backpacking Sleeping Bag Reviews: Get The Hang Of The Product First

Backpacking Sleeping Bag Reviews - Example Sleeping Bag.

Need A Sleeping Bag?

The very purpose of backpacking sleeping bag reviews is to help individuals choose the best backpacking sleeping bag. It basically shows you the best brands their are, though this might not be 100% agreeable by everyone.

Backpacking sleeping bag reviews are typically your only source if you cannot decide on a particular sleeping bag.

Some sleeping bags brands are as follows:


First choice you can make would be Coleman. Coleman has already made a name in the market. You will see in backpacking sleeping bag reviews that Coleman is always there. Their sleeping bags costs about $50 – $250, depending on many factors. One that you may like is the CLOUDCROFT™ X -20 PRO MUMMY. This weighs 40 ounces with a size of 32″x86″. This costs around $260. This model is considered to be the warmest sleeping bag that Coleman has to offer. This will keep you warm even if you are in the cold mountains of Mt Everest. It’s fill capacity is 800 down. There is no doubt that this is one of Coleman’s best.


Second choice would be Cabela’s. This is another brand worth checking out. One of their produce would be Cabela’s Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Combo. This is perfect for your children if they want to go outdoors with you. This is warm and comfortable; though this is not ideal for extreme weather conditions. This size of this is 26″x66″ with a fill weight of 1 lb 11 oz. The colors available are blue, snow, woodlands and pink camouflage. Another of Cabela’s that you might want to check would be Cabela’s XPG™ Bivy Sacks. Adults will love this. Sizes available are 34″x84″ for the usual and 40″x90″ for large. This will keep you dry as this is 100% water-resistant. Furthermore this is impressively comfortable. However, do not use this if you are planning to camp out in a place where extreme climates occur.


Eureka!. If you want quality, they have it. This is another brand that belongs to the top list of backpacking sleeping bag reviews. The Eureka! Dual Temperature Sleeping Bag is one of their product that you may want to check out. It has a size of 33″x72″ with a fill weight of 2 lbs 6 oz. This is sure to keep you warm during those cold weathers in the outdoors. As for women, the Eureka Casper Women’s Sleeping Bag is perfect for them. The size is 31″x78″, enough for most women size. Fill capacity is 1 lbs 13 oz. Aside from being comfortable, this will also keep you warm even when it’s already very cold.

Backpacking sleeping bag reviews will help narrow down your search for the best sleeping bag that will keep you warm during your outdoor activities. There are other brands out there and it would be best if you check for more brands first rather than stick your nose to one.

How to Choose Backpacking Sleeping Bags Video

How to Choose Backpacking Sleeping Bags

The experts at REI show you how to choose a backpacking sleeping bag for your camping and hiking needs.

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