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Introduction To Blog Commenting

Blog comments have been turned back on after I suspended them due to SPAM. Please do not SPAM this site as your comments will not be allowed. Follow the following guidelines:

Why do people comment on blogs? There are a number of different reasons why people comment on a blog but here are the 4 main reasons I can think of:

  • To contribute to the content of the post and help other people by telling them what you know;
  • To take part in a conversation and put across your point of view to find out if other people agree or disagree;
  • To find out information by asking a question, and hopefully getting an answer;
  • To obtain backlinks to their own websites and blogs to improve their rankings.

My Commenting Ethos

As a blogger myself, I need and try to obtain backlinks to my own blogs to improve my rankings. My commenting ethos is to make relevant comments to each post and try to add some value to the content of the post. If I can’t do that then I do not comment. Likewise, I would expect people commenting on my blogs to have the same ethos.

Commenting On This Blog

Please don’t try to spam my posts as you will be wasting your time. If you feel that you can add value by making a relevant comment then your comment will be more than welcome. If you are not able to satisfy this requirements then please do not add a comment as it will not be approved. A compliment about this blog will not be sufficient to get it approved! It must be relevant and specific to the post and add some value.

What makes a good comment?

There are many aspects that could contribute to a good comment. Here are my suggestions if you wish to make a comment on this blog:

  1. Be on the topic and add value to the post for the benefit of the post and the readers;
  2. Try to use keywords relevant to the post to help maintain the page rank;
  3. Use facts and your own knowledge and experience – Good comments are based on facts. When using your own point of view, try to base it on facts. When it comes to your experiences, stick to your specific experiences and try not to make general statements based on your own specific experiences;
  4. Be positive and make compliments! Try to find at least two things you like about a post;
  5. Make suggestions! Try to find something that could be improved, added or changed for the better;
  6. Think about the audience! Who is reading the post? Try to put yourself in their shoes:
    • Keep it interesting so other people will want to read it;
    • Write what you would be comfortable with everyone seeing, such as family and employers;
    • Be polite! Do not swear! Do not be sarcastic, unkind, racist, sexist homophobic, etc;
    • Be fair to other people! Do not divulge the private information or others or their secrets.

Why Are Some Comments Bad?

There may be many reasons why some comments are bad but here are some I feel are the worst:

  • They are off topic and irrelevant;
  • They disrespect and waste the time of readers;
  • They and annoy readers looking for post relevant information;
  • They dilute the page rank if they do not contain some relevant keywords.

What Are Spam Comments

A spam comment is often one which is posted by automatic methods such as bots, scripts or software. Some people use scripts and automated bots to target high traffic websites for posting comments. However, some spam comments may also be made manually. A spam comment is usually full of irrelevant keywords and hyperlinks and does not care about the content of the article where the comment is placed. In brief, a spam comment is an negative form of self-promotion and an attempt to obtain quick links for traffic or SEO purposes and for very little thought or effort.

Be Careful And Safe Online!

Keep certain personal information about yourself private so you can continue to enjoy commenting online:

  • keep your personal details secret! Never put your email address, phone numbers, where you live or any passwords you have on a website or tell them to anyone online;
  • Use an image to represent you, not a photograph of you;
  • keep online friends online! If you must meet someone in person, tell an adult you know well and take them along with you! Never go alone;
  • chat in open, public chatrooms and forums – don’t go into private chats with just one other person.

Wishing you a successful future in commenting!

Best Regards,

Richard Griffin

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